Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Gaming

Well, that was fast. Barely had I time to sit down to contemplate the significance of the week before and here I am again, on the weekend again. Although the week had been a practical waste with the lack of game release, I must say a surprise hit came out a few days ago.

Megaman Starforce!

Contrary to popular belief (yet again ) Starforce is surprisingly good. The jokes are not half bad, the graphic is lively and the gameplay is interesting. What they did wrong though is the keyboard. Instead of utilizing a touch screen keyboard, they shifted the keyboard up to the top screen, you would have to navigate using the keypad to type anything! LAME! Anyway, this game is a pretty good one for those that like RPG and Megaman. I like it.

Megaman Starforce is available in 3 type.


The price is not bad and quite cheap. Cheaper then other game that is. I look forward to spending my weekend with Megaman. That is, untill the 14th of this month as
Heroes of Mana
Luminous Arc
Rune Factory: Fantasy Harvest Moon

will finally be out! Wohho!

As always. Click the yellow writing to see the game.

I am quite intrigued about Glory Days 2 too. Apparently There is a 3D glass included with the game. Interesting..