Monday, August 6, 2007

Code Geass Skin & Happy Birthday Dyna!

I loved the anime Code Geass so I thought why not make a skin out of Lelouch. That was over 2 weeks ago and boy, have I crumpled a huge amount of paper and deleted plenty of file from my laptop while designing a nice Code Geass skin. Anyway, I was telling Dyna about it and he asked me to give him the challenge of designing one. 5 minute after that and he went offline.

So I decided to try one last time and see what happened and this is what I got.

Not half bad eh? I admit this is just a cut and paste job but hey! I am still learning ok? I wonder if there is any fancy thing i can do for the background.

oh by the way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYNA! Ding! You leveled to Level 23! Wohoo!