Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Death Note: The Last Name

I finally watched the Death Note Movie: The Last Name last week. The movie was a so and so and did not really pique up my sense of wonder or curiosity. There is just lacking of the mysterious aura that I am used to have when reading the manga. Regardless, they have done quite a good job in adapting the manga into a movie. ( MISA IS SO CUTE! )

I must say though it seems the emphasize too much on L liking sweet stuff, ( everytime the movie revert to L, or his team, it will always start with L eating something sweet). Ryuk is being used as a joke most of the time. Stating useless crap and taunting Kira for no reason and lastly, they kill off Mogi! What the hell! That and some of the plot did not make sense. I would not spoil it here for fear that some of you have yet to watch it but if you are a reader of the manga or anime watcher. You would feel like they have cut off something very important from the movie.

The whole movie is a good conversion from Manga/Anime to Movie. It would really fit in nicely for anyone that follows it or not. But the movie fails to draw my attention. That is, untill the last part. Its nothing to do with the movie. The said Scene is when Misa is back at her room and its snowing outside with the Tokyo Tower at her window view. I don't know about you but that room is nicely designed and the view out the window is breathtaking. Which got me thinking... What about? That will be in another post.


mr-penman said...

Personally, I find both movies boring, 'cos I have the complete set of the manga (Taiwan Edition).

My GF (who didn't read the comic) find it nice.

However, like u mentioned, it's quite close to the original manga, of course there were alterations to screenplay it.

Reveur said...

I agree with you. Hence my mixed view. I find that the movie is adapted nicely but it still lacks storyline and zest in term of manga or anime. But to kick my skepticism away, I would say its a nice movie overall.