Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning

That is exactly what I need. To start spring cleaning my room. The amount of junks! Good lord.. let me give you a description of how my room looks like now. Smack beside the door is a computer table with no computer on it but littered with paper, sweets, junk food, various miscellaneous item and 3 neck ties. Next to the table is a small shelf filled with books.

What comes next is boxes, 4 boxes of stuffs! Really now, its filled with stuffs! Junks to be exact. And one box of my "supplements" or more well known as junk foods.. Then there is 1 backpack, 1 travel bag and one huge basket filled with my clothes jam in front of the book shelf.

On the other end of the room is my single bed with two windows overlooking my bed. now imagine all this with the whole place messes up and no place to stack the boxes or stuff...

I need to Spring Clean my room and clear my computer table off junks so I can finally move my laptop there and hook it up to a speaker. In fact, I need to redesign the room to take advantage of the space and the power ports... As it is now, I need more than 2 extension cable and 3 plugs ...


-Because I Can-