Monday, February 4, 2008

Review: God Of War Chain of Olympus

Well, this is more of a review of the DEMO for GOW. Chain of Olympus. The demo session last only for 2 mini bosses but enough to get you heat up on whats coming soon in March this year and after only 2 minute of this demo, I can't wait for the real deal to come out.

The fighting is resorted to only 3 buttons, there is light attack which you can combo endlessly, heavy attack which can only combo a few times, grab where you grab onto your opponent and shred him to pieces and lastly the jump button. Simple and easy.

The graphic is not half bad, granted you can see that the graphic is stressing the limit of PSP to the edge by being shredded on certain aspect, to counter that there is a certain hazey feel to it is added onto the graphic, making the graphic and scene slightly blurry. Which in certain aspect is a refreshing things to see. Anyway, There is not really much things to judge for this game except for the fact that it is SUPERB in demo.

What we can do now and wait for the game to launch in march. Together with Crisis Core.. Hoo boy.. that month is going to be painful..

Do make your preorder now at HERE

-Because I Can-