Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review: New Style PSP Pouch (Monotone)

2 Weeks after getting my PSP Silver and 1 week after total silence on Aww Snapped! It is about time I introduce you to the new member of my PSP family. the New Style PSP Pouch! This pouch is an "official" product from Sony. Which means that they have the right to charge you extra just for being "official"
Slick & Slim

Costing at a whooping US$ 19.90 for a simple pouch, this pouch has better be good. And to be frank, I have yet to find fault with it. Except for one minor problem which I will highlight later. The pouch has a soft linen & plastic cover which protects the inside from spill, but do not expect your PSP to survive in this bag if it drops into water. Simple spill, yes. Swimming, no.
Spacious space for PSP Slim or Phat
With the thin size of the pouch, the protection provided against shock is limited at best. Granted they did try their best by putting in soft sponge inside the pouch, but surviving from even a 1 feet drop is a no go. The padding is merely there to protect against minor bang and shock when the pouch is left inside your bag while you bounce around doing your thing.
Dual Compartment for accessories

There are two small compartment inside the pouch, one for UMD while the other one for your minor accessories such as cloth, earphone and what not. Designed to be slim and modern, this pouch gives a spacious area for your PSP to breath without scratching against things. Granted the two compartment might be too little for some but on further thought, I would say anything more than 2 would be too much for the pouch.

Great Breathing room for PSP

Overall this pouch is good looking and provide sufficient padding for your PSP as long as you do not drop it. The two compartment is not too big and is a good add-on for you to leave one or two of your accessories inside. There are 5 colours available for your choosing.

Grey, Blue, Green, Pink & Purple (Click each colour for more PICTURES & PURCHASE information)

-Because I Can-


Danmer said...

i've been looking this king of pouch in KL, Malaysia. where did you bought the pouch in kl?
thanks in advance.

Reveur said...

Erm, I bought it online via Play-Asia. Have yet to see it in KL though. Even if there is one, It is going to cost a bundle more than Play-Asia price.