Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knight Rider 2008

2 hour Pilot. 2 hour of mind blowing return of KITT. I may be only 24 but I sure as hell remember the lovable electronic self preservation sarcastic robotic car! Aired over the weekend last week, Knight Rider makes a return after a 25 year gap in the film world. Casting the protagonist as the son of the first driver for KITT, Michael Knight.

I have read comment before the Pilot that the movie is more of an advertisement for Ford Shelby Mustang which quite frankly I have to agree. There is just so much I can take on the parallel shot of KITT driving and all its slick surface shots. What I want to see is not the outlook of the car. I want to see what the car CAN DO! In fact, shots of KITT talking gave me goose bump.

Ok before I go on, I also need to clarify one more thing. The Pilot is SUPERB for fan of Knight Rider but truth to be told, the acting and the shots can be a lot better. In fact, the script is a bit cheesy at times. Without spoiling the storyline let me give you an example, High speed car chase. Less than 50 meter braking space for a car and a huge trailer. Both vehicle brakes and does not collide. HALLO? REALITY CHECK! We all know that trailer can’t break for nuts! Not on a high speed chase that is. We also know that high speed chase means high speed and is not complete unless there is a semblance of car crash!

Then there is the acting. Ok, the acting is not half bad and I admit I am nitpicking here but good lord, can’t you guys act better? A dying person has the power to grab something from the pocket, passed it to another, then dies without physical trauma. You would know what scene this is when you see the show for yourself. Then there is Mike Traceur, he need to get his personality straight. Is he a playboy? Or is he a macho everybody heroes? More emotion man.. Seriously…

KITT though, good lord, now that’s a good voice over. Totally dead, when KITT talks, he talks like a robot and without emotion which suits KITT! Man, the whole movie, only KITT shines in voiceover. The rest though need to upgrade their acting and cinematography skill. Watch more car racing movie and car crash movie to get an idea of how to do car chase, or else Knight Rider is gonna look like a third rate B class movie.And keep David Hasselhoff away from the movie after the pilot. We don’t need him. His acting is getting worse. He has passed the reign over to his son. We get it. See yah.

Anyway, all in all, KNIGHT RIDER is a good series in the pass, I love it. I have no idea why. The new KNIGHT RIDER 2008 might not have a good cast and most of its actor need acting class, I still love the show. Not because of who they casted or because of the script. Its all for KITT. Knight Industries Three Thousand.

-Because I Can-