Monday, February 18, 2008

Review: Jumper (Movie & Novel)

Cover for the Movie

One of THE most misleading titled movie/novel ever. Jumper has made a huge mark in my interest for Sci-Fi movie/novel. When I first saw this title on quicktime trailer website, I thought for a moment the movie is about people seeking thrill jumping off buildings or just... jumping around. You would have to pardon my skepticisms of the titled movie due to all this bad movie in the making, has been made and made it out in the market.

Anyway, Jumper is a superb movie for me. The possibilities and the narrating is cool in fact I find no fault for the actor choice for this movie in Hayden Christensen as a cool looking guy which has absolutely no clue on how dire his whole "Jumping" ability is. In fact, I LOVE the movie. The effect is cool looking and the possibilities of being able to teleport here and there with but a whim of a thought is exciting. But what the movie fails to provide is a good storyline. In fact, the storyline is a bit too unresolved and kind of "jumps" out at you (pun intended)

Without spoiling the story yet again for those that haven't watch the movie, the storyline Takes the whole Jumping ability a step further than what it is originally written as. Which brings us now into the Jumper Novel. The Jumper novel story and the movie story is two totally different story. There is no Samuel L Jackson in there, there is no other "Jumpers" in the novel and in fact the story is so different it might as well be another story altogether!
Cover for the Novel

But what the movie lacks is made up all in the novel. The character is lively, David (Davy) Rice is a struggling young kid hit with an implication of his new found ability and his parents took on an altogether darker and more humane side of story while Davy jumps around trying to comprehend what he needs to do and ultimately what he used his ability to do. If I were given a choice I would say, Watch the movie for the effects and the kicks of this jumping thingy but read the book for a better understanding on how his ability and his life works.

I would really recommended this movie if you like Sci-Fi and recommend the book if you find dissatisfaction in how the story of the movie goes. Steven Gould the author of the novel JUMPER did a very good job in building Davy's character and dialogs. In fact he did it so good, it is surprising to read that this is his FIRST novel. Truly a marvel..

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Geeking It Out! said...

I actually think Hayden is a wrong choice. Not a fan of his acting, maybe because I think he can't act.

Reveur said...

Haha I dont like Hayden either but hey, in this movie he has not failed miserably. Not yet anyway...

Patrick Roberts said...

The filming style of Jumper made me feel like i myself was jumping around, which was cool. Also Christensen’s lines were as short as possible, which was ideal for the movie’s overall quality.

Slimy said...

My friend and I really enjoyed Jumper, and I thought the movie was exciting. Actually I thought Hayden Christensen was pretty good, but that is my opinion.

Reveur said...

If you enjoy the movie, you might want to take a look into the novel. Its is better than the movie. The story is more realistic and it explains a number of stuff. Heck, the story is more exciting and morbid too!