Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review: PSP Slim & Lite Crystal Case (Capdase)

Tight Packaging

Considering the fact that my New Style PSP Pouch (Monotone) does not provide sufficient protection for my PSP Slim & Lite, I ordered myself a Crystal Case (Clear) from Capdase ( I have a soft spot for Capdase) Anyway, this casing though is a bit disappointment for me. Again, let me get to the heart of the problem later.

Front Cover, Back Cover, Strap

There are 4 parts inside the packaging. Front cover, Back Cover, Strap & unseen in the picture, an unbreakable screen protector. The Strap is standard issue for all casing sold by capdase, so no major shock there, the casing though is a bit of a disappointment to me. The casing feels a tad too thin for my liking and at best, flimsy. This feeling is further reinforced when I snap the casing onto the PSP. The casing does not feel protective enough! There is a touch of flimsiness left in it when I hold the casing and the PSP in my hand. Granted it provide sufficient protection against scratch, wear and tear but I highly doubt it will protect against any shock and drop.

Back Cover
Front Cover

What surprises me is that Capdase provided an "Unbreakable Screen Cover" interesting? Quite. I was hoping they would provide an "Unscratchable Screen Cover" instead as even though the screen cover is unbreakable the whole casing does not claim to be unbreakable. Food for thought no? The back of the casing provides a stand which allows your PSP to stand when you want to use it to watch movie on it. Interesting add on, bad application.

I tried putting it on the stand yesterday and this is what happened,

1. Pull Stand
2. UMD cover open, stand remain closed
3. Close UMD cover, pull stand again
4. UMD cover open, stand remain closed
5. Close UMD cover, hold the cover in place
6. Pull stand, stand comes out after a brief epic struggle

I don't know if this is manufacture fault or was built to be so but it seems that the stand puts up a fight when it needs to be open. To make thing worse, the stand can only stand on one posture, you cannot adjust the angle of the back stand at all!

Casing on PSP(Front)
Casing on PSP (Back)
Snap On Ensemble (Side)
New Style PSP Pouch Containing PSP with Crystal Case

Conclusion: This Crystal casing is nice, despite all my complain it provides sufficient protection against scratch, wear and tear but beyond that, the casing provides nothing good. The add on screen protection is a nice touch as it provides extra protection for your screen but it is not something mind boggling at all as I have seen add on which protects the screen only by Logitech and the screen protector is EXTRA thick. The casing feels flimsy after snapped onto the psp and the stand is a total failure.

I would give this casing a miss if there is a better choice out there but except for Hori which runs out of stock fast, this is the only casing available in the market. But that might soon change as I will try to scout for Blackhorn casing.

More PICTURE & PURCHASE information can be found HERE

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Dyna-Storm said...

The silicon cover from Capdase is much better I think

Heck I'm not actually fond of using crystal casings for PSP (NDS is an exception lol). Bought one but never use