Friday, October 9, 2009

Cracked NDSL Hinge - The Replacement Casing

SHOCK! Replacement Case
One of the more reputable (or so they say) and better build quality DS casing, with glee I tore open the package and found all this. I have taken to taking each and every one of the pictures.

FYI, I have purchased the Strat Clear Casing which in picture looks slightly darkish clear casing but in reality, I found otherwise.

The box containing everything is no bigger than an NDSL.

Everything in the box is displayed here. 

All the smaller buttons and the back cover. Watch out, for the buttons, if you drop it. It's very hard to find it on the floor again. I speak from experience 

Top part of the screen

 The battery compartment and the base

 The bottom screen

 Close up look

The top outer part of the casing does not contain any DS logo, making it a smooth and sleek surface which does not attract fingerprint. The inside feels more like the normal DS insides section. Slightly rough and sandy.

I am now looking for another added protection for this case. Along the line of ZAGG invisibleSHIELD. What good is a special casing If I am going to wrap it up in protecting case all the time right?

 I will be doing the replacement tomorrow if possible, going to hand it over to some shop which promised that they can replace the whole thing in less than 2 hour. Hope it works!

-Because I Can-



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