Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scribblenauts Epicness

Stephen Totilo from Kotaku posted an interesting article on Scribblenauts where he used 16 tries to complete a mid-difficulty level. Instead of feeling frustrated, i felt that the game gets more interesting with its variety of ways to solve a level!

Below are an excerpt taken from the article

Attempt 1: Created bear to attack bee buzzing over first flower, so I could safely grab the flower. Bear killed bee. Bear then killed Maxwell. Level failed.

Attempt 2: Made bear; bear killed bee. Laid down bear trap. Died. Level failed.

Attempt 3: Made bear; bear killed bee. Laid down bear trap, ran away. Bear didn't chase. Ran back over. Caught self in bear trap. Mauled by bear. Level failed.

Attempt 4: Made bear; bear killed bee; laid trap. Bear caught in trap. Bear broke free. Killed Maxwell. Level failed.

Attempt 5: Made exterminator. Exterminator fumigated bee. Exterminator did not maul Maxwell. Has Maxwell grab first flower and placed it in basket. Approached lake containing piranha and second flower. Fell in. Jumped out. Made fishing pole. Fished piranha out. On land, piranha flopped, attacked, killed Maxwell. Level failed.

Read the full article HERE

-Because I Can-



Lizzie said...

I just scribble a gun and shot the bee and the pirahna :P and a jet pack to fly up to get the last flower

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