Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Define Valentine

 My colleague asked me to define Valentine. The spur of the moment made me create a short definition of Valentine.Read on!

A moment where couples express their love by buying each other gifts more expensive than the other in an act to proclaim their love and willingness to spend money on them while inciting their partner to stay on with them till the next valentine in hope of getting a more expensive gifts.

Valentine is also a moment for none couple to buy the intended person an expensive gift while trying to impress them with extravaganza offer on a night that can never be forgiven in the hope of snagging them in a web of deceit and love. It is also a moment where they will try their best to impress them over other rivals while taking advantage of the situation to hold the counterpart hand in an act that can be deemed as scandalous or "pok mong"

Valentine for couples that are trying to bypass the whole awkward situation call it quits by promising each other that they shall not buy any gifts for each other in an act to show that they do not care for valentine because they celebrate valentine everyday. It is also an unashamed way to get out of buying each other gifts and save on money that can be spent on other things. For example, that new console they have been eyeing.

-Because I Can-